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What is Oslo City Game?

Oslo City Game can best be described as the amazing race meets Pokemon Go. It is an app-based city adventure, where teams go on different quests and solve puzzles en route with the game instructions they have. Your aim is to find the last checkpoint. The adventure takes wit, creativity and skills of deduction. Throughout, fun facts about the places you pass will be revealed, making sure you learn while you play, and discover parts of the city and it’s history you never knew!

Look a lot, learn a lot, laugh a lot!

Sounds cool? Jan Tveterås, CEO of Cabin Campers, thinks so too!

I am constantly thinking about how great experiences can be facilitated for people travelling in Norway, and I have a lot of experience with what works and what does not. Oslo City Game is a fantasticly innovative, exciting, fun way to discover our capital city. I am impressed! Compared to a guided tour you avoid the hussle of crowds and time tables – this is at your leisure, and a lot more engaging!

Jan Tveterås

A really neat thing is that there are different routes tailored for different interests. Are you visiting Oslo for just a couple of days and want a fun way to experience the most famous sights? We have the game for you! A friend group that just want a fun afternoon in Oslo? We got you! A history buff, a street art enthusiast, or a family with small children looking for a fun family day? You guessed it – we have something for you too!

Oslo City game is a fun way to discover the city in a new way

So why wait? Check out the Oslo City Game app HERE.

2 thoughts on “What is Oslo City Game?

    1. Hi GreggWot!

      Oslo City Game is an app based sightseeing game. You experience the most interesting sights of the city through solving riddles and tasks, and the app guides you safely from place to place.

      Try it for free here:

      Please let us know what you think!

      All the best,

      /Team Oslo City Game

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