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10 easy budget tips for travelling in Norway

Norway can at first seem scarily expencive. But fear not! We have gathered some easy tips to avoid spending too much.

1. Do NOT buy bottled water. Norwegian tap water tastes great and most of the bottled water is from the same source as tap water. Save money and the environment by filling your empty bottle with water from the tap. The same goes for when you are eating out.

2. BRING alcohol to Norway, but remember to stay within the legal limits.

3. Don’t pay in foreign currency when buying things in places that allow you to use Euros, USD etc. They give you a really bad exchange rate and you end up losing lots of money. There are ATMs to be found almost everywhere in Norway and you can pretty much always pay with your card.

4. You don’t have to tip. If you’ve been out for a big meal and had an amazing experience you might want to leave a tip for you waiter. But tipping in Norway is not obligatory and in most situations not expected.

5. Don’t take taxis unless you really have to. They are EXTREMELY expensive.

6. Plan ahead. You can save a lot by planning and booking your flights, trains and hotels in advance.

7. Ask the locals! As towns in Norway are so small, most people know pretty much every restaurant and bar the place has to offer. They will more than likely give you good advice on budget friendly options.

8. If you’re going out drinking, have a few drinks in your hotel room (or other accommodation) before you leave. One beer can easily cost as much as 80 NOK so this will save you lots!

9. If the weather permits, have a take away meal or packed lunch outside. Most towns have several green areas and parks so sitting outside enjoying a meal can be both nicer and way cheaper than going to a restaurant.

You go on without me! 

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