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7 interesting facts about Oslo

1 The City has been named Oslo twice

…in 1624 and 1925. In the period in between, the city was called Christiana, named after King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway.

2. Oslo is mostly forest

Despite being the capital and Norway’s biggest city, Oslo is still an incredibly green city! Forrest surrounds the city centre, and from any point in the urban core you can reach it by public transport in under 30 minutes.

Known simply as Oslomarka (the Oslo forest), the forest is protected against most forms of development and is home to species such as moose, hare, bever, fox and deer.

3 Oslo has the world’s largest sculpture park

Vigelansparken (Vigeland Sculpture Park), also called Frognerparken, is the world’s biggest sculpture park. The park is home to more than 200 sculptures made of stone and bronze all made by one single artist, Gustav Vigeland.

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture park in Oslo, Norway.

4 The Nobel Peace Price is awarded every year in Oslo City Hall

The peace price is the only of the Nobel prices that are awarded outside of Sweden, which is the birth country of the prices’ originator, inventor Alfred Nobel. Visitors can learn more about the Prize at the Nobel Peace Center located at the harbour close to the City Hall.

Oslo harbor with the Oslo City Hall

5 Oslo is the European Green Capital of 2019

Norway might be one of the world’s biggest producers of oil and gas, but its capital city is in the middle of implementing a green revolution. During its year in the spotlight as the European Green Capital, Oslo will act as an ambassador for sustainable urban development, sharing and promoting what’s worked with the hope of inspiring other cities to make similar changes.

6 The Scream

The famous painting The Scream by Norwegian painter Edvard Much actually depicts the vantage point from the hilltop of Oslo’s Ekeberg neighborhood, with the fjord, town, and hills below. The painting itself is on display in the brand new Much museum.

The Scream

…and if you were wondering; Yes, the painting is the inspiration for the emoji.

7 Location, location, location

Oslo is located on the end of the 62-mile Oslofjord which has over 40 islands.The city of Oslo is considered to be in the south of Norway, and yet, it is on the same latitude as Alaska in the US and St. Petersburg in Moscow.

The Oslo Fjord with the famous Oslo Opera House