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What to pack for a city escape to Oslo?

The definitive guide to packing for a holiday in Oslo for every season


The temperatures might vary from 12-30 degrees. The ewather is mostly dry and sunny or cloudy, but can be unpredictable. So pack smart, and you’ll be ready for everything!

Shorts and t-shirts will serve you fine, but also think layers because it still gets cold, especially at night. A jacket or sweater is a must. There is rain occationally, so if space permits bring an umbrella or rain proof jacket.

In detail; Bring a couple of t-shirts, some long sleeved tops or shirts,a pair of pants or long skirt, a pair of shorts, a sweater, a jacket, good walking shoes. sun glasses and a bathing suit. There are several public beaches in Oslo taht you don’t want to miss!

Spring and autumn

Pretty much the same as for summer, but skip the bathing suit and add a really warm sweater that you can layer with a thinner weater, and consider adding a thicker jacket. Autumn is the rainier season, so if you plan a trip for then you should definitely bring shoes that can handle a litte rain, and waterproof jacket and/or umbrella.


Winter in Oslo is – surprise! – cold. Everyting from -5 to -15 is common. So bring your warmest clothes! Thick winter shoes, a thick winter coat, warm socks, and warm clothes in general, preferably some of it wool. Think layers. Don’t forget scarves, mittens and a top hat.

Still unsure?

There’s an app for that! Try Packpoint. PackPoint is a smartpacking list app that tailors the suggested list to the weather forecast.