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Useful apps for visiting Oslo

Organizing a trip to an unfamiliar place might at times seem stressful. But downloading these apps is a surefire way to make the visit more enjoyable!

Ruter – public transport app

If you are planning to use any public transportation while in Oslo, or Nowray at large, Ruter app is the you need. You just have to put your origin and destination, it’ll show you all possible ways you can use, be it by the train, bus, tram or ferry. The app also lets you use your position to locate the station nearest you and point you in the reight direction so you can plan your trip smoothly. A must have!

This app is so important, it’s actually two apps.  Download RuterReise to plan a journey in seconds and buy tickets through RuterBillett, its sister application. Given the fact that most train stations don’t have ticket machines that accept cash, these apps are the easiest way to buy public transport tickets in Norway.

VisitOslo – Official visitors guide

VisitOslo is the city’s official city app and can be used even when data roaming is turned off. It includes an offline map of central Oslo, guides and information about sights, restaurants, bars, hotels etc., and an event calendar that shows everything that’s happening in the city with links to buy tickets directly. It is even available in six languages (Norwegian, English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian)!

Oslo City Game – gamified sightseeing

Looking for a new and fun way to discover the city? This is the app for you! Oslo City Game is an app that makes sightseeing personal, fun and surprising!

The way it works is you purchase a game (12 dollar / 10 euro), and start playing at any time that suits you. For about 2 hours you will solve puzzles and riddles to take you through the city. The app provides a lot of interesting info and fun facts, and takes you through most of the most famous, most interesting sights in the city. The fastest way to make you feel like a local!

They have several options of games to choose from, so you get a personalizied experience either you are a history buff, a street art nerd, a foodie, or just want a fun and easy intro to the classical “Top 10 of Oslo”. Great for friend groups, couples, families and solo travellers. A new and interesting way to travel!

Yr.no – weather forecast app

Although the weather in Norway is really unpredictable, and you can experience several seasons in one single day. That’s why the free Yr app might prove very useful while visiting Norway and Oslo in particular. This is the most reliable weather forecast application in Norway, and is actually so well acclaimed that international weather forecasters regularily look to Yr.

It provides extremily local forecasts down to the hour, so if you travel around you can check not only the forecast for the big cities, but also for some points in the mountains and small villages.

Oslo Bysykkel – easy bike rental

Oslo is a great city to bike in — and the Oslo City Bike initiative makes it very easy to do so. The Oslo City Bike app allows users to locate and unlock bicycles all over Oslo. A day pass costs 49 NOK (€5.26; $6.21), a three-day pass costs 99 NOK (€10.63; $12.54), and an entire season pass costs 299 NOK (€32.09; $37.86). Good for the environment, your health, and your wallet!

Outtt – for the outdoorsy

When visiting the Norwegian captial, you should include som time outdoors in the beautiful nature surrounding the city. But where to start? Outtt got you covered! Here you get hiking tips from people who’ve been there before. Save an itinerary offline to access them without roaming charges.

Maps.me – offline maps

This is not a tips that particularily relates to Norway, but Maps.me is a great tip for any travel anywhere. Download the map of the parts of Norway you are visiting before you go, and you will be able to access them without needing any WIFI or phone signal. Also, it’s free!

XE Currency

The XE Currency app offers live exchange rates for currencies around the world, including the Norwegian krone. (NOK).